1. How did your South Uist Estates journey begin?
      My journey truly began when I came for the interview for Head of House, at Grogarry Lodge in early 2021. I then moved to South Uist a short time later where my journey is still unfolding.

    1. What is your favourite spot on the island and why?
      Grogarry Lodge itself, inside and out. It has the character, charm and years of warmth and welcome inside. The beauty surrounding it with the hills, beaches and endless rolling machair. There’s something to see at every angle.

    1. What is your favourite part of the job?
      Attending to the guests, building relationships and ensuring they all have the best experience they can get at Grogarry Lodge. Making sure they leave happy, well rested and eager to visit again.

    1. What is your favourite day out on the Estate?
      If the weather is kind, making up a picnic and taking the dogs to the beach, going in the sea and walking along the machair.

    1. South Uist Estate attracts clients back annually, what do you think draws them back each year?
      Simply that the Estate, whether it’s fishing, shooting, stalking or the Lodge itself offers such a unique and varied experience of South Uist, that is completely exclusive to our guests. Which we enjoyingly get to share and that’s what makes it so special.

    1. What excites you most about the future of the Estate?
      I have excitement and high hopes for the Estate and it’s growth. But for me, it’s watching and being a part of Grogarry Lodges bright future, the development and it’s successes.

    1. Which is your favourite room in the lodge?
      There is something special about all the rooms with the views and the atmosphere they have. However, when the large open fire is on, the Drawing Room wins the bet.

    1. What is your favourite dish at Grogarry?
      Signature dish is between a large platter of fresh local Lobster, with a side serving of Crab, Langoustines and salad as a lovely Summer dish. Or, our local Game, be it a big juicy Venison Haunch, Duck, Goose, Snipe etc, it’s a real Winter warmer!