1. How did your journey on South Uist Estates begin?

My journey began as a work experience week with the gamekeeping team that I did through Sgoil Lionacleit, I enjoyed the week so much I carried on to do a summer job on the estate which then led to me doing an apprenticeship through Storas.

2. What is your favourite spot on the Estate and why?

My favourite spot on the estate would have to be on the very top of the hill Corradale, in-between Hecla and Bein Mhor. The reason it’s my favourite is because on a clear day you can see the Isle of Skye to the east and then nothing but the Atlantic ocean as you look to the west.

3.   What is your favourite part of the job?

My favourite part is how varied each day is, not one week in the same as the last and it just makes the job 10 time more interesting in my opinion. 

4. What is your perfect day out on the Estate?

My perfect day would be going out to the hills on a nice sunny day whither being stalking or just a day out walking, nothing beats looking out over the island from the peak of a hill.

5. Best stalk/catch/bag? When and where?

On the 24th of December just after the end of the guests season myself and two other keepers went out on a day’s woodcock on Ben Kenneth. I was more than delighted to have shot my first ever woodcock early that day and then to have walked off the hill with the nice wee bag of 4 woodcocks. 

6. South Uist Estate attracts clients back annually, what do you think draws them back each year?

I believe it is a result of all the different factors that the estate can provide stalking, wildfowling and fishing, not something that every estate can offer to a guest. I also think it is the teams that work so hard together to make sure that the guests will have an amazing experience on South Uist Estates.

7.  Looking forward what excites you most about the/your future of/on the Estate?

I am very much looking forward to finishing my college course with the North Highland College and starting a full employment as a member of the gamekeeping team at Storas Uibhist.